Still Working

An exploration of Sheffield's Working Men's Clubs in the present day, as featured in Pete McKee's This Class Works exhibition.


Steve Albini for Loud and Quiet.

Mark E Smith for VICE.

Lord Mayor Councillor Magid Magid for VICE.

Sleaford Mods for Loud and Quiet.

The Moonlandingz Lias Saoudi for VICE Noisey.

Live Music

Iggy Pop for The Independent.

Sun Ra for The Independent.

Nick Cave for Huck Magazine.

The Moonlandingz for Loud and Quiet.

Skepta for Loud and Quiet.

Lady Leshurr for Loud and Quiet.

Arthur Brown, John Doran at Le Guess Who, Utrecht for Loud and Quiet.

Bo Ningen, Sensoria Festival.

Pins, Outlines Festival.



Sheffield's Traditional Market Stall Traders Are Still Standing for VICE Munchies.

Touring Sheffield's Working Men's Clubs Before They're Lost to the Past for VICE and Queens Road Social Club (before it closed)

Right Track Soul Club, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK.

Chancers of Cannes Film Festival for VICE.

Slipknot Fan for VICE.

Beacons Festival for Loud and Quiet.


Porto, Portugal.

Cannes, France.

Park Hill, Sheffield, UK.

Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, UK.





Derbyshire and Sheffield, UK





AFC Unity for VICE Sports.

Handmade Cinema.

Ashover Show.

Drag Kings.

Sensoria Festival.